Elephant’s Dream

“Incredibly beautiful.”(INDIEWIRE)
“Highly poetic, deeply insightful.” Critics Associated
“An extraordinary documentary.” Hollywood Reporter
 “A dreaminess washing over the viewer.”
“A striking meditation on finding resilience” Scenecreek
“Honest” CinemaAxis
“Eloquent, enigmatic” The Globe and Mail

“Elephant’s Dream masterfully creates a dreamlike listlessness, sad and funny, that gently hints at great historical tragedy. A beautiful film.” (Joshua Oppenheimer)

“One of the most tender and intense films I’ve seen in ages -Seemingly in a kind of time-bubble of Kinshasa’s backyards, this movie is full of care and attention for the people in it. And yet, it also describes the unspeakable brutality that’s been imposed on these people over generations: the agony and the scars of colonialism are most artfully captured in a true film d’ auteur .”  (Hubert Sauper, We come as Friends, Darwin’s Nightmare)

“The film is a lesson in resilience, devotion. An ode to the invincible obstinacy, full of poetry reflecting the after-effects of Mubutism – showing how in a disastrously governed, yet organized chaos, one’s mental hygiene manages to prevail.” (Baloji)

Nzoku ya pembe 

Visually stunning – beautifully shot, languid and composed.
(Prof. Stella Bruzzi, Head of Jury IDFA 2011 Student Docs)

It conveys the bizarre rituals of normality.
(Christopher Hird, founding chair BRITDOC, trustee of Grierson Trust)

As close to a poem as a film could be. Very clear, yet very enigmatic.
(Olly Lambert, producer/director)

Drôle et émouvant, sa maîtrise du cadre, des témoins et du rythme impressionne.

The Perfect Belgian:

‘The Perfect Belgian (…) A splendid documentary; often absurd and funny,
sometimes purely painful but always intelligent and unwilling.”

(Annelies Verbeke)


Three Women:

“The shock, the panic that there is no door handle at the interior of the prison cell:
by means of these little, but apparent details, director Kristof Bilsen made a portrait
of three detainees in the women prison of Ghent (Belgium).”

(Jan Temmerman/ De Morgen / Belgian National Newspaper)

Kristof Bilsen manages to show us a hidden world (…) these women’s testimonies
surpass the personal and one gets a dreary good impression of the microcosm,
hidden for public behind the big entrance of the prison.(..)
Bilsen did miracles in the limited circumstances of a prison to keep up attraction and rhythm.”
(Niels Ruëll / De Standaard – Belgian National Newspaper)