An art-installation commissioned by the City of Antwerp (BE) and premiered at ATLAS Antwerp and from 17th Oct onwards at Mestizo Arts Festival in Antwerp.

How does a city change under the influence of migration? Does she expand or does she make room for those who try to set foot there? Or does does she spit out ‘the other’ because she fears the changes he brings along with him?

The migrant’s children and grandchildren grow up in two worlds. They exchange one world for the other with seeming effortlessness.  How do these people cope with their shifting identities?

These questions moved the artists of WE WERE HERE to plunge into the city, and into themselves. The result is a labyrinth where words, images and sound are signposts for the spectator.

Credits: Concept, audio, techniek: Kristof Bilsen / Concept, tekst: Abbie Boutkabout / Concept, fotografie: Sara Stojković / Muziek: -jozefaleksanderpedro- Met dank aan: Rachid Atia, Ivo Cools en ATLAS Antwerpen, Nuria Donaire Alliet, Olmo Claessens, Jef Van gestel, Srđan Keča.