(ENG) The filmmaker, who lives now in the UK, stumbles on a 8mm family-archive from the World Trade Fair, ’58 in Brussels. Belgium showed what it meant to be a proud nation, amongst many other nations at the time. Many years later, he wonders what it means to be Belgian in a globalised world.

The Perfect Belgian is a road movie about the country and its citizens. In a country where languages and communities are so easily mixed up, nationalism meets surrealism and language barriers become blurry borders.

(FR) C’est en visionnant des images d’archives de sa famille, que le réalisateur Kristof Bilsen découvre un monde inconnu, celui de la fin des années ’50, où la Belgique et ses citoyens paraissent en parfaite harmonie culturelle et ethnique. A la recherche du Belge parfait, est un« road-movie » qui dévoile les réalités contemporaines du conflit flamand-wallon, entre exclusivisme linguistique et exhibitions nationalistes, le tout dans un contexte de globalisation qui n’est pas favorable aux clarifications identitaires.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Kristof Bilsen
Editor: Eduardo Serrano
Sound Designer: Nikola Zivojinovic
Composer: Alcyona Mick
Musicians: Jon Wygens, Alcyona Mick and Geoff Hannan
Studio Recording: Jay Price
Online-editor and Colour grader: Belgin Kaplan


One World Human Rights Festival Romania 2011 (Bucharest) and on tour throughout Romania.
Alter-Native Film Festival Targu Mures (Transilvania)
Free Zone Film Festival Belgrade (Serbia)
Zomer Van Antwerpen/Zomerfabriek 2011 (Belgium)
ACHT TV Broadcast (Belgium Digital Channel) in 2011


“The Perfect Belgian is about a sudden awakening in a torn country. A splendid documentary; often absurd and funny, sometimes purely painful but always intelligent and unwilling.”
(Annelies Verbeke)

Article in HUMO (in Dutch).
Article in La Libre Belgique (French).