Kyoko’s living with a family secret: she’s part of Napoleon’s offspring. To be precise: she’s the result of a napoleon-like, extramarital love adventure. A bastard that’s been kept under the wraps for 200 years. It all began when Bonaparte and his pants on fire were crossing Brussels, and he met one of his General’s sisters. And we all know how it goes with these Corsican consuls who are on the verge of declaring themselves emperor… One thing led to another. But, as we all know him, Kyoko’s great-grandfather was a very busy man. So he didn’t have the time to have an umpteenth bastard. So this adventure was shoved under the rug…

Today, 200 years after his defeat in Waterloo, Napoleon’s ranked number 2 on the list of ’most influential people in history’. Followed by Mohammed, Shakespeare and Hitler, but after Jesus. Together with partner in crime Louis van der Waal and driven by the fuss regarding her roots, Scholiers investigates the life of the most exorbitant figure ever. What is it that makes Napoleon, Kyoko and everyone else just ’that’ person? Can we escape from it? And how? What will remain? An existential trip through ’Being’ and ’Time’. And something about haemorhoids.

Multiscreen documentary-theatre performance.

Duration: 1h45m
Tour schedule (BE/NL) here.

Text: Kyoko Scholiers
By and with: Kyoko Scholiers, Louis van der Waal
Documentary/Video: Kristof Bilsen
Stage Design: Bram Verhagen
Dramaturgy:  Tom Hannes
Costume Design: Marie Dries
Production: Jana Debruyne and Susan Demol
Technicians: Wouter Dupon, Jasper Suys
Poster: Kristel Dierickx
Produced by: C-mine cultuurcentrum, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
Supported by: ccBe, BesteBuren and the Flemish Government